Monday, June 23, 2008

Buyers Need Help Too!

Buyers - Why you need your own agent

You're looking for a house and making the rounds at the Saturday & Sunday open houses. Now you've found a house you love, and you'd like to put in an offer. The listing agent offers to help you with the offer. Great, right? Unless you sign a Buyer Representation Agreement the agent is working in the best interest of the Seller, NOT the buyer. That's their job, to work for the Seller.

As a buyer you need a Realtor in your corner. Talk to some of the agents to you meet, get some referrals from friends and family, heck you can even call some of the local real estate offices. Select an agent who understands you needs, timing and style, and whom you have a good rapport with. Then sign a Buyer Representation agreement with them and start them working on finding the perfect home for you!

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